Subscription EV Chargers

Looking for an alternative way to make home charging more affordable? With our charger Subscription Service you can simply pay £30/month

1. Simple fixed monthly pricing
2. Peace of mind
3. No hidden costs, just a great service

It’s as easy as One, Two, Three… Charge!

Why choose Plug Me In for hassle free charging?


Fixed monthly amount with no upfront payment


5 year warranty, including parts & labour


Call centre support


Includes physical site survey, so no surprises


Standard installation included


Annual inspection for peace of mind

untethered left

New – Monthly subscription

Indra Smart PRO


Incl site survey and VAT

Industry leading safety features
Smart PRO contains INDRA’s industry leading, proprietary and patented PESTs technology providing protection for PEN faults, Earthing faults, Simultaneous contact risks, Touch voltage risks, DC leakage and load curtailment making it the safest EV charger on the market
Smart scheduling
The Smart PRO automatically generates a personal charging schedule each time you plug-in based on your preferences to ensure you’re always topped up. Add your electricity tariff details in the INDRA App and your electric car will automatically be charged at the cheapest times to keep your energy bill down.
House fuse protection
Don’t worry about blowing a fuse. You can dynamically change the maximum power to your EV charger depending on what else is being used in your home.
Solar charging
As a solar compatible home charging EV charger, you can utilise your free green electricity from your solar panels to power your electric car.
Continuous updates
Thanks to its over-the-air (OTA) updates, your Smart PRO EV charger will automatically receive remote software updates to keep it getting smarter every day.
App control
Take control of your EV charger via the INDRA App. Check your status, update preferences and track your charging history from your mobile phone

The Smart PRO is the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market. Chock-full of the latest smart features, this innovative EV charger brings you cheaper, faster and more advanced home charging.

The British-made Smart PRO EV charger enables you to take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity from your supplier and free power from your rooftop solar without buying an add-on kit.

There’s no need to worry about your 7.4kW home charger tripping your house fuse or compromising on a limited charging speed. We’ve squeezed all the latest safety features inside the Smart PRO EV charger, so you can say goodbye to extra boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house. With full flexibility available on install method, the Smart PRO EV charger can be connected via Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

You’ll also have the ability to check your status, update preferences and track your home charging history directly from your phone with the Indra App.

PMI Graphic
Plug Me In’s step-by-step installation process

Arranging your EV charger install is simple.

1. Pre-installation survey
2. Finalise & agree options
3. Installation day!
4. Ongoing support
1. Pre-installation survey

Before your installation, we need to know about your home, existing electrical set-up and check to see if you’re eligible for any grants.

Our trained surveyor* will visit your property to make sure we get all the right information without you having to do anything yourself.  We can be with you any time, any where (providing you give us 3 days notice and its within normal business hours).

We’ll make sure everything is ready for our technical team to confirm whether you have a standard installation or if any further upgrades/components are required.

*Note that this team is non-technical and will not be able to advise on cable routes and answer questions regarding your electrical infrastructure

2. Finalise & agree options

In less than 2 working days the results of your survey will have been reviewed by our technical team who will guide you through the next steps.

We want you to have a smooth installation journey with us so we will let you know as soon as possible whether any upgrades or additional components are required – this ensures there are no surprise costs during the installation. We’ll also get in touch with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) as soon as possible to gain any required approvals.

We’ll make sure that we’ve answered any questions you have on the process or the paperwork in plenty of time to not delay your installation going ahead. As soon as all approvals are in place, we will aim to get you booked in around 2 weeks’ time.

3. Installation day!

Getting your installation completed quickly and safely is our no.1 priority

All of our installers are full-time employees and join as fully qualified electricians.  We provide additional training on each home charger to make sure your experience with Plug Me In is as smooth as possible, right from arriving at your property through to your first charge.  We aim to be done in 3-4 hours.

Our team make sure you’re all set up on the specific manufacturer’s app, and we give you a short demonstration of how to use it, whilst checking you’re happy and understand how to get the most out of your EV charger before we head off.

4. Ongoing support

Your journey with Plug Me In is only just beginning…

We will also provide:

– 5 year warranty on both parts and labour;

– 24/7 call centre support if your charger is not working correctly;

– we can be with you in person to fix any problems 2 days from your call if we can’t repair remotely; and

– Annual inspection, for added peace of mind.

Key terms and conditions

Plug Me In’s Subscription service provides customers with the option of hiring their home charger from us, instead of purchasing it outright. For £30/month you can enjoy all the same benefits but without the upfront cost. Because we want to make sure this product is right for you, there’s a few things we wanted to make clear before going ahead:

  1. You will not own the charger. Plug Me In retains ownership at all times;
  2. Your monthly rental term will start from the 1st business day of the month following your installation.  It is fixed at £30/month and will continue for 5 years, in line with the warranty term, then drop to £15/month until you wish to cancel;
  3. If your charger breaks after the end of year 5 we will do our best to fix it but we can’t guarantee this will be possible. You will have the right to cancel your agreement or upgrade to a newer model (and enter a new agreement with us);
  4. All prices assume you have a standard installation. We will let you know as soon as possible after the survey if this is the case. Please note, any non standard installation costs (e.g. gas or water bonding upgrades, additional cabling, groundworks (running cables underground) are not included in the £30/month and will need to be paid separately, prior to your installation date;
  5. You have the right to cancel the agreement after 18 months provided you give us 30 days’ notice. A cancellation fee of £50 is payable in order for us to come and remove the charger and your final monthly payment will be calculated up to the day of removal;
  6. If cancellation is made within the initial 18 months then any remaining time up to the end of this 18 month period will still be charged, in addition to the £50 cancellation fee above;
  7.  We will need to perform certain eligibility checks before entering into a Hire agreement with you – which protects us both. This will include a Credit search with a Credit Reference Agency – Creditsafe. This will be a soft search that does not leave a footprint on your credit record, unlike a hard check.

The full terms of the hire agreement will be provided during the onboarding process.

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